Mrs. J’s Cookies, Got To Be NC Festival


Okay now, this just got serious. I saw them at the Got To Be NC Festival in Raleigh, NC. I ONLY PURCHASED 1 BAG!!!! BIG MISTAKE!!! I tasted a sample while in the festival. But once I got home, took 1 out of the bag… smh. Heavens to Murgatroyd!!! I need more bags of cookies. My daughter, my grandson & I were fussing over the last cookie. Yes, I was fussing with a 3 year old that DIDN’T want to share!! I could sit in the dark & eat 1 bag of these while thinking about my life and not feel bad. LOL. GOTTA GET MORE!!! ASAP!!! So soft, so chewy…so, so, so delicious!!!!

McCall’s Bar-B-Q & Seafood, Clayton, NC

Cheesecake on the right. (That was not my plate.)
Pineapple on the left. Cole slaw, potato salad & cucumbers.

Listen, I WILL NOT eat here again. Pur-tee YUCKY!!!!!! * throws fork on the ground. GROSS!!! An entire buffet and the best thing they offered was the sweet tea. Service was nice. But the FOOD or whatever you want to call it…NOPE!!! The nastiest!! The turkey barbecue wasn’t seasoned, none, not a 1 spice on it. The chicken & dumpling (pastry) was soup with flat noodles in it. So watery they had a slotted spoon to serve it with. Smh. Awful. The rest of my party enjoyed it but I didn’t. Full off of tea, potato salad, corn & a chicken wing. That’s about all that was good. $12 but it was worth $4.98.

Outback, Raleigh, NC

This is the 4 course meal for $14.99…missing the caramel cheesecake. I gave it away. I don’t care for cheesecake. Unfortunately, they do not allow you switch it out. BUMMER DUDE!!! It was great for the money. The soup was very warm. Salad was nice, fresh & crisp. The chicken & baked potato were good. Food was warm. Service was plesant. Short wait time for a Saturday.  *Take advatage of the call ahead seating.

The House, Durham, NC

1/2 off Mondays. Deep inhale & exhale. The honey citrus pepper? YES HONEY, YES!!!! They were so delicious!!!! Definitely my favorite wing there now. It was lemon pepper but um, yeah… I had to switch it up. LOL. Both flavors are banging!!! 10 wings for $5. Can’t beat that. Only on Mondays though.

This Is It, Atlanta, GA

This restaurant has someone’s Auntie or Uncle in the back. The potato salad is soooooo good!!!! Man listen, EVERYTHING I’ve had from here is good. The grilled salmon is worth the wait for the cooking time. The key lime cake was delicious and moist. I guess I should have fluffed up the casserole so the pic would be more appealing. Lol.